Detailed Information of Skin Types Allergies and Skin Care Moisturizers

Skin Care MoisturizersUsing Skin Care Moisturizers, there are two kinds to choose from lotion and moisturizers. Lotions contain more water than moisturizers and are best applied on the body while moisturizers are actually more concentrated and are often used on specific areas where there are problems or concerns like crow’s feet around your eyes or dark circles under them. 

If you want to have the best moisturizer Skin Care Moisturizers, you should first identify what type of skin you have. There are three types of skin: normal, dry and oily. You should also remember that the ointment you will use is going to be absorbed by your skin and will get into the bloodstream. This is important to note since there are a lot of skin treatment products that contain questionable chemicals. In fact, some of these chemicals are actually toxic and, if combined with other substances, form an intoxicating carcinogenic known as nitrosamines.

Skin Care Moisturizers

One ingredient you should avoid for your moisturizer is something that is developed from petroleum. A good example is Benzine which belongs in the top ten of most hazardous chemicals and is a very strong carcinogen. Also, your moisturizer should be free of color and fragrances. These factors are the main reasons why the skin develops allergies. In fact, numerous kinds of chemicals are combined together in producing a nice smelling fragrance which is actually poisonous to the skin and body.

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For your skin care, your best option is to choose products made with natural ingredients. Even if we are already in the 21st century, our physical makeup is still in touch with Mother Nature. Humans are designed to survive by depending on natural resources from nature. This includes your skin. Choosing the best natural ingredients for your skin care moisturizer will definitely give you the best results.

Skin Care Moisturizers

Some Good Face Moisturizers for Dry Skin Are:

  1. Cetaphil
  2. Lacto Calamine with Aloe Vera
  3. Lakme Fruit Moisture Range Moisturizers
  4. Aroma Magic Almond Lotion
  5. Lotus Herbals Sheamoist Shea Butter & Strawberry Moisturizer
  6. Revlon Touch n Glow Moisturizers
  7. Loreal Hydrafresh Aqua Moisturizer
  8. Olay: Regenerist Microsculpting Moisturizer
  9. Oriflame: many to choose from
  10. Lancôme Absolue Night Treatment

TBS Body Butters, Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion, Garnier Body Cocoon, Vaseline Body Lotion, Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Cocoa-Butter Moisturizing Lotion are some good choices.

Skin Care Moisturizers

Some of the Skin Types

  1. Normal Skin

Normal Skin looks clear and does not develop spots and blemishes. Pimples are rare and pores are small. Normal skin has an even tone, smooth and firm. The pores of the skin are fine and barely visible. It reflects good health and needs gentle treatment.

  1. Dry skin

Dry skin regularly has issues with cool climate and ages quicker than ordinary or slick skin. Dry skin can get bothered effectively. It is inclined to wrinkles and lines. It is because of pores that don’t create enough sebum and can be intensified by hormones, maturing, brutal cleansers, and ecological variables. It needs a lotion amid the day and a decent moisturizer during the evening.

Skin Care Moisturizers

  1. Oily skin

The fundamental sign of a slick skin is a general sparkle. Slick skin is ordinarily thicker and firmer than ordinary skin, with less affectability to chemicals, cleansers, or scents. This kind of skin is caused by the over the emission of sebum influencing the skin to surface sleek. The abundance oil on the surface of the skin draws in soil and clean from nature. 

  1. Combination skin

Combination skin is lopsided and in this way, you’ll see that a few zones are more inclined to spots and will be sleek, while different zones can feel tight and be very dry. This sort of skin is exceptionally normal. It is a mix of both slick and dry skin with specific territories of the face sleek and the rest dry. Normally there is a Central oily board comprising of the brow, nose and button and a dry board comprising of cheeks and the zones around the eyes and mouth. Different blends are less normal.

Skin Care Moisturizers

  1. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is prone to damage from environmental factors. This type of skin has a fine texture and is very sensitive to changes in the climate. The skin is often red and blotchy and allergy to cosmetics is common.

Some of the Common Skin Allergies

Skin allergies could be in the form of itching, dry and scaly skin, eruptions, rashes, boils, etc. mainly there are mainly three principle sorts of issues that are related to skin allergies. These types are as follows:-

Dermatitis – This is the skin allergy which is caused due to contact with some substances. It is shown as an inflammation.

Skin Care Moisturizers

Hives – Hive is a liquid aggregation in the skin which appears as a swelling. This is an impermanent condition and recuperates with treatment. Hives are otherwise called urticaria.

Prickly Heat – This is a red rash which occurs on the body. Prickly heat is generally caused due to excessive perspiration due to hot and humid climates.

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How to understand the Skin Type

The first step to analyzing your skin type is to cleanse it, preferably in the morning so you can look at how your skin changes throughout the course of the day. Pay close attention to how your skin feels after you have cleansed. Normal skin should feel clean but comfortable. If your skin is feeling tight, particularly around your forehead, you may have dry skin.

Skin Care MoisturizersNext, leave your skin moisturized and take a good look at it in a mirror in natural light. Study the texture of your skin, looking all over the face and look out for pores and shiny areas. Normal skin will have a smooth texture with small pores and possibly some shine visible. As well as a tight feeling after cleansing, dry skin will have a matt texture, may have visible ‘flaky’ patches and small pores. Dry skin often suffers from sensitivity and will show fine lines and wrinkles quicker than other skin types. Oily skin will have a shiny look, particularly in your T zone (your forehead, nose, and chin) and often larger, visible pores. Oily skin is also more prone to breaking out in spots. It’s not all bad though; oily skin often ages slower and shows less visible signs of aging.

Skin Care Moisturizers have another look on your face at midday. If you have oily or combination skin (combination skin will usually be more oily in the T zone than the rest of the face), oil breakthrough will usually be visible by this time. Dry skin will often be showing signs of dryness by this time too, even if you have moisturized in the morning.

Skin Care Moisturizers

Why Skin Care Moisturizers Required

The problem is that there are so many moisturizers out there to choose from and it’s hard to determine which product is best. Here are 5 big reasons why you need skin care moisturizer and if you find a product that fulfills these reasons, you know you’ve found the right one.

  1. As you age, you start losing the collagen in your skin and this can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. In order to prevent this from happening you have to get to the root of the cause of collagen loss. By using a skin care moisturizer with ingredients like functional keratin and active manuka honey, you can prevent collagen loss and even help it re-grow.
  2. In addition to collagen loss, another one of the culprits of aging skin and wrinkles is free radical damage. It is one of the leading causes of aging skin that must be addressed by the use of a skin moisturizer.Skin Care Moisturizers
  3. The only way you are going to maintain your skin’s smoothness, elasticity, and tone, as you grow older, is by using a skin care moisturizer.
  4. That contains phytessence wakame. Phytessence wakame inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase in the skin.
  5. In order to reduce blemishes, you must use a skin care moisturizer that contains ingredients like natural vitamin E, shea butter, and active manuka honey. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants thus combat the degenerative effects of free radicals.
  6. Relieve dry, itchy, or inflamed skin simply by incorporating an effective skin care moisturizer into your daily skin care regime. Look for a moisturizer that contains ingredients like avocado oil, babassu, shea butter, grapeseed oil, and maracuja. Avocado oil relieves dry, itchy skin because it is very similar to your skin’s natural oils and it is deeply hydrating.
    Skin Care Moisturizers

In conclusion, in order to achieve soft, youthful skin that is wrinkle and blemish-free, you must use an effective skin care moisturizer every day. It might feel like a daunting task finding an effective moisturizer but you’ll find that knowing what to look for makes it a lot easier. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your skin suffer any longer. Get out there and find the best moisturizer skin care technology has to offer. You’ll find yourself looking younger and more beautiful day by day.

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