Types of Bras

Types of Bras:

It is important to wear a well-fitted bra as it can change the entire look of the outfit. While there are some basic bras that every girl should be knowing about, there are also various bras that are designed for specific types of dresses only. It is important to know what is the function of bras and the different types of bras!

Types of Bras


Push up bras: Types of Bras

Every girl has a push-up bra and should have a push-up bra! The push-up bra will help you get a cleavage by gently pushing your breasts upwards. The bra is padded on the underside with an underwire. Though not every push-up bra will have an underwire. You can select a push-up bra according to your requirements.


Padded bra: Types of Bras

The function of a padded bra is cover up nipples and prevent any kind of nipple show while you are wearing fitted outfits. Padded bras also have underwire to provide support. Padded bras have different kinds of coverages and necklines to meet individual requirements for different sizes of breasts.

Strapless bra: Types of Bras

Just the name itself speaks for the bra. A strapless bra will provide the required support and coverage with the help of the strong wired underband. It is important to get the perfect fitting or it will be pointless as it will either be uncomfortable or it will keep slipping off! Buy a good strapless bra and wear the cute strapless top you always ditched!

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Bralette: Types of Bras


A bralette is the most comfortable bra you can own. A bralette will not have any underwire or padding of any sorts. It is generally unlined. It is also used as an innerwear as well as outerwear. Comfortable to wear and generally made out of mesh or lace, bralettes are generally worn under low necklines.

Sports bra: Types of Bras

Every girl should own a sports bra. It is designed to provide support during the workout and prevent bounce while working out. The material out of which it is made is meant to absorb sweat and be comfortable. It is a must-have for all those who prefer to workout daily.

Minimizer Bra: Types of Bras


A minimizer bra is meant for all those who have a large bust size and want to minimize the appearance of a large bust size. These bras provide extra support by distributing the breast tissue and providing a proportionate appearance. A minimizer bra is a must-have for all those to tend to wear low cut dresses and not have an extra busty look.

Maternity Bra: Types of Bras

Maternity bras are meant to be comfortable and provide support for all the pregnant women. Maternity bras have removable flaps meant to make breastfeeding easy. They also have molded cups to suit the post-pregnancy changes that a woman undergo. Maternity bras are also called nursing bras.

These are some of the bras that every girl should be aware of. Each bra has its own functionality and will help you.

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