Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends:

Wedding, a pure and holy ceremony that unites two souls for lifelong. The wedding is a part of life which makes life more interesting. According to Indian traditions and cultures, people who marry each other have already been paired up in heaven and are destined to be together. What the people do just become the measure to make them meet.

The wedding itself is one such term which fascinates one and brings joy in life. No wonder what that joy proves out to be later… just kidding.

So let’s look forward some unique wedding wishes to enlighten up someone’s day on their anniversary.

Like the grass blooms under the sun, may you both live your life and have fun. May you spend countless years together and remain with each other forever. Wish you a Happy Anniversary.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends


Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends: With all the kicks and bends, may your love never come to an end. Be together forever and enjoy the ride of life with every next step. Wish you both a Happy Anniversary.

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May your life get only happiness and no tears. May your married life bloom like flowers every year. With every stepping stone you cross, may you discover happiness, my dear. Wish you both a Happy Anniversary.

The melody of your bond shall be played forever. The tunes of love should be played forever. With the passing years of your life, may the love grow stronger. Wish you a very Happy Anniversary.

The trust and love you share should remain alive till you do. We are happy today, just because of you two. This day shall be celebrated together, until the day lasts yours forever. Wish you a Happy Anniversary.

You need to be in the same boat, no matter what. At times one may row it and one may direct. What takes you to the destination of happiness is the cooperation and coordination among you both. Keep it alive with the enthusiasm to reach the destination. Wish you a Happy Anniversary.


Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends: Expensive gifts and chocolates would not make your day. An hour full of love spent together would work better than these. Your chocolates might expire, but the love will not. Keep loving and keep embracing. Wish you a very Happy Anniversary.

Till now you’ve been accepting what destiny showed you. From now embrace the reality and love each other in order to prove what’s written for you is right. On this day, make your love bolder so that doubts and hate cannot even touch it. Wishing you a Happy Married Life ahead.

With the small fights over chocolates in childhood, you grew up fighting for importance in each other’s life. Now that you have cherished the childhood friendship and have turned it into a lifetime bond, we wish you a happy married life ahead so that we get to see much more awaited love flights.

As cycle needs to be balanced while riding, same as that, you need to maintain balance in your life to live with your companion. Each tyre plays it’s part so as you need to in your life. For this balanced life, Wish you a Happy Married Life ahead.



With every passing day, you both understand yourselves a bit more. With every passing year, may you enrich your love with increased understanding and balance in your life. Wishing you Happy Married Life for now and forever.

Cheers to your companionship which you have been showing since long. We wish you bear the same courage and love you possess for each other now. With every year you pass, you both be together forever. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary.



Hope these few words of love would help you wish your friends a happy married life ahead. Greet them with these sweet messages and make their day go sweet as well.

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